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Racism isn’t always bad

[This entry should really be read after reading the entry for 9 October Morning Jog. It’s a follow-up to that.]

A week after our first morning Jog, again early on a Wednesday, Sue and I set out again. It felt a bit different and a bit boring this time because it was a school holiday, so there were fewer kids about. We trundled along uneventfully, past the deserted school playground, past the airbase with a wave to the sentries, and up the gentle slope to the circle and the Muli kuti? Bar at the end of the road. As we rounded the circle, excited young shouts were heard in the distance.

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My racist haircut

Going into town today, I thought I’d try get a haircut in preparation for the Lake of Stars Music Festival. I walked through the non-food part of the market, and snapped some photos first.

P1030032Colourful chitenjes, for wrapping wherever you want to – around head, bosom, waist, baby, etc… Or to use as curtains in our house!
P1030035Enamel plates make a nice display
P1030034Inside the covered part of the market – a less busy area, and not representative of the bustle at all.
P1030036I liked this sign in the street for the full range of signage services they offer, and the motto at the bottom.

I bought some (overpriced but unavoidable) phone credit from one of the usual ladies seated at their red plastic tables, and asked her if she knew where I could get a reasonable haircut. P1030561 Of course, I’d seen signs advertising barbers before, (like the one on the right) but I wanted a personal recommendation. The lady didn’t know, and yelled across the street to her large-bosomed friend, who came cheerfully bouncing across to help me. Read the rest of this entry »

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