To blog or not to blog?

Writing this blog has been fun and rewarding. Organising my impressions, thoughts and reactions into words, sentences and paragraphs has been good mental discipline, and I’ve written as much for my own record as to entertain others. Writing a blog also encourages one to observe more carefully, to make mental notes as one goes along, and to identify the humour or pathos in a situation, and this is a good habit I reckon. I’ve often reflected that one doesn’t need to embellish or confabulate stories here in Malawi – just describe it as it is, and it’s probably interesting or funny, maybe even poignant. Although any daily life contains much that is interesting or funny or moving (which is what makes psychiatry worth doing), I’m not sure that returning to “normal life” will offer up as much to write about so easily. That requires a more skilled observer and writer. So I may write a little bit about settling back to life in Cape Town, as it relates to my experience here, but I’ll probably leave it at that. I suspect though that I will be adding some final Malawi entries for the next month or so, so do come back and check! I’m really pleased that people have enjoyed reading this so far.

For more Malawi blogs by my friends and other volunteers here, check out those below. The links are also posted in the column on the right.

Noelpatrol – Yes it’s Noel my housemate, a volunteer with AVI (Australian Volunteers International). His blog has some great photos.
Hales in Africa – Ilona Hale is the energetic Canadian VSO doctor I’ve stayed with in Ntcheu.
From Malawi with Love – Maureen is an Australian volunteer who’s stayed over at Noel’s house a few times. She was working at Mua Cultural Centre until recently.
Malawi 2008 – Fellow VSO volunteers who came out in my group, Mike and Penny are living and working on the Satemwa Tea Estate in Thyolo in the south.


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