New posts but old news…

Hi! I had an interesting and in some ways fairly typical Malawian Christmas which I’ll write about soon. Meanwhile, there are four new posts up tonight, all for October, but I like to think they’re timeless! They are all linked in a way as well, though you’d have to read them to find out how.

October 8th Morning Jog.
October 9th My Racist Haircut.
October 12th Lake of Stars.
October 15th Racism isn’t always bad.

The calendar on the right side of the page is probably the best way to navigate to them. I’m trying to figure out how to get a list of all the titles of the posts to appear there too.

[Update forty minutes later: Hey – you can now just click on the links to go to the posts. Much simpler. By the time I leave Malawi I’ll have this sorted!]


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