Beasties named!

Thanks to Rob Stewart’s mother for her attention to detail when I posted a photo of the large “spider” dated 30 September. She noticed that it seemed to have ten legs, and she went alookin’ on the internet for an answer. It turns out that the beast is not actually a spider, but it is an arachnid, a solifugid, to be precise. They are generally nocturnal, which I can vouch for. (Solifugid – flees from the sun.) They are not poisonous, but sound vicious nevertheless. Check the link she sent for more details! Isn’t the internet great?

And sorry for the long absence! I’ve been away with good friend Naomi on leave to the lake for a week, and we also climbed Mulanje and visited Liwonde game park briefly. We encountered many solifugids in Liwonde. While away internet connectivity was almost non-existent, and since being back it has been excruciatingly slow – slower than normal for some reason. The latest update for October 4th took over three hours to upload at the hospital, one photo at a time…


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