Mulanje Second Visit

This weekend we climbed Mulanje again this time going to a different hut on the plateau. Here are a few photographs.


  • Rob – often mentioned on my blog, good friend in Blantyre, lecturer in psychiatry at College of Medicine there, visits Zomba weekly
  • Sue – visiting consultant psychiatrist from Wales, living with us for one month, teaching Clinical Officers in the hospital.
  • Liv – UK doctor working in paediatrics in Blantyre for a year
  • Emily – UK medical student doing her elective, working with Liv
DSC_0017-DSC_0020 The walk up was very steep and very hot this time.

Typical Mulanje views on the way up, during the dry season.

On top of the mountain next to the hut.
The plateau is full of trails and tracks. This explored in the afternoon.

The three lovely ladies: Sue, Livvy, Emily

Stunning view on the top: Elephants View
Magnificent view on the way down.
  Rob enjoys the view, though spoils it
  somewhat for the rest of us! He forgot I
  had my 18-200mm Nikon zoom lens…

These little guys were very curious when we stopped for a break.

At the bottom, Emily and maize fields waiting for the rain.
  Kids on the way back. I had recently learnt some new Chichewa which I’d tried
  out with some success on the kids outside the Mental Hospital gates. I think
  it worked best here though. It went like this:
     (loads of curious kids come out to watch us stopped at roadside)
     I shout, smiling, “Mungathe kuvina? (Can you dance?)”
     There is bemused silence, followed by a tentative “Tingathe… (we can…)”
     I command loudly, “VINANI!  (DANCE!)”
     and they go wild gyrating and laughing – and I join in otherwise it’s not fair.

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