Off to the Lake…

This afternoon we drive up to Selima on Lake Malawi for the annual Lake Of Stars International Music Festival. Two posts added yesterday, though I’m still two weeks behind! This will come right slowly. Bye!



  1. Kirsty McColm said

    Hi Gareth

    Caroline spread the word about your blog around Huntingdon! Sounds like you’re having a really interesting time in Malawi!! Hope you’ve not forgotten your scottish accent though – och aye the noo!!

    Best wishes

  2. Elspeth Gillespie said

    Hi Gareth, it’s great reading your blog. Hope everything going well.

  3. Rosemary Stewart said

    Hello Gareth

    I am Robert’s mother. I have so much enjoyed reading your wonderful blog and have laughed out loud several times. I was in Malawi with him two years ago and can visualise many of the places you mention. I have seen how it is in the hospital and had my hand shaken by the friendly patients! You are doing a wonderful job.

    I look forward to meeting you in December but meanwhile can’t wait for the tale of the Lake of Stars and other adventures. Please catch up!

    Best wishes


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