Off to Mulanje for weekend

Thanks for all the comments and feedback on the blog. I do read them all. I managed to post three backdated entries last night, thanks to the luxury of having internet at home! It’s slow but it works. A mobile connection using the cellular network and a dedicated USB dongle costs a mere £160 (three weeks wages for me here) for the equipment, then £140 for three months connection. As I mentioned before, very expensive indeed, but essential to maintain my sanity. We may share the costs in our household anyway.

This weekend a group of us are going to climb the Mulanje Massif in the south east of Malawi. Many people have told me that this is incredibly beautiful and breathtaking. Laurens van der Post wrote about it in great detail in his book Venture to the Interior, when he scaled it as part of his exploration for the British government in the late 1940’s. He wrote that Mulanje has a rreal personality, that one feels the mountain watching you. I can’t wait.



  1. Caroline Thomson said

    Hi Gareth

    David copied me into your email on Friday, and I spread the word around Huntingdon about your blog !

    I have just read it and its braw !

    We continue to be as busy as ever, never a dull moment !

    Take care, it’ll be guid tae ken what yir aboot !

    Lots of love Caroline (and Ruby) x

  2. Mom said

    Great to read your blog up to date now we are back from the bush. And to know that we are in contact once again. Your experiences remind me so much of my years in Zululand when our only contact with the outside world was to book a “trunk”call (And that wasn’t sent by elephant!) or to write a letter. Any of you remenber those things? And the post only left Hlabisa about twice a week….Will continue to be an avid follower of your blog and will also email, text etc.
    Love Mom

  3. Matt said

    Happy Birthday Gareth! Only had a chance to read a few posts so far, but thoroughly enjoying it, I second all the comments praising your writing/photoing styles. Malawi sounds like somewhere you need to be armed with a sense of humour at all times – so a very Gareth sort of place.

    Keep ’em coming!


  4. Verena said

    Happy Birthday Gareth!!! We all miss you here in Edinburgh. Make sure you have a nice birthday! If you would be here in Scotland it would be a very wet and windy day for you to celebrate.
    Your blog is very entertaining to read! You should publish it under “The Gentelmen’s detective , or how to survive with no bread machine in Malawi”. The bread machine says hi btw.

    Love and looking forward to read more blogging.

  5. Tom said

    Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag.

    Tom, Kerine en Leo

  6. Claire-louise Donlon said

    Hello Gareth

    Hope you are well. Today was the first day that I got a chance to sit down at work and read your blogg very carefully. Despite a certain other persons views on bloggs I think it’s an excellent way for you to show off and make everyone on the NHS sick and jealous to the back teeth.

    It’s great that you put so much energy into rubbing it in, that you a working in a wonderfull country, doing an amazing job.

    Dying to hear how your trip to Mulanje went.

    Warmest wishes from Scotland.
    Claire-louise x

  7. Colin Dewar said

    Hello Gareth,

    Just to say that I have read all of your Malawi blog up to the 19th of September. I am enjoying the experience vicariously. The potato story was well told… and the account of Vincent the security guard. Malawi sounds more regulated than I had imagined. That was a formidable induction programme you went through – tho’ could have its good points under the circumstances. I think it is a really good sign that people like being photographed. In my experience places start off with people running from the camera, and from there progressing to people liking it, then to requesting photos and giving you the address for the copy that you’ll send, then to asking for money afterwards and from there to soliciting the photo with a view to payment. So on that scale Malawi sounds like it has not suffered from excessive contact.

    Asides from your blog, I hope you’ll have a paper record to look back on in years to come, as it sounds like you’re having plenty of rich experiences. When I print off from the blog, it comes out in reverse chronological order.

    Keep me posted.


    Colin Dewar

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