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Off to Mulanje for weekend

Thanks for all the comments and feedback on the blog. I do read them all. I managed to post three backdated entries last night, thanks to the luxury of having internet at home! It’s slow but it works. A mobile connection using the cellular network and a dedicated USB dongle costs a mere £160 (three weeks wages for me here) for the equipment, then £140 for three months connection. As I mentioned before, very expensive indeed, but essential to maintain my sanity. We may share the costs in our household anyway.

This weekend a group of us are going to climb the Mulanje Massif in the south east of Malawi. Many people have told me that this is incredibly beautiful and breathtaking. Laurens van der Post wrote about it in great detail in his book Venture to the Interior, when he scaled it as part of his exploration for the British government in the late 1940’s. He wrote that Mulanje has a rreal personality, that one feels the mountain watching you. I can’t wait.


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