Home is where the bread is

This afternoon left work early to go into town for some essentials, like bread flour. The bread in the shops here is generally white and has a crumbly texture like cake, with no substance or flavour. I now understand the dismay of some Germans and Dutch when they come to the UK and can’t find the good quality bread they are accustomed to on the continent.

Large sack of flour

Large sack of flour

I feel the same here, especially after having a bread machine for many years in Edinburgh. So, I went in search of flour. And joy of joys, in the wholesaler they sell white bread flour in 10kg sacks! The massive sack I bought will last us four months if I bake three loaves a week. And it’s good flour. My first attempt this evening, made completely by hand and baked in our small mini-oven, came out beautifully! I’m so happy. Bread glorious bread! (My housemates were less happy that I had put a swirl of chilli sauce in the mixture at the last minute, to give it a bit of bite and interest. The mixture of fruit jam flavour with red chilli flavour came as a surprise to them, but I can’t imagine that it was anything other than delicious.)




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  1. Cynthia said

    Aaah is right!! Off the treadmill onto the breadmill…. Now I feel that I too should be able to produce a loaf of bread like this, how about the recipe Gareth?? I’m SO impressed!!

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