Off to Blantyre

I’m off to Blantyre this weekend to do some shopping and to see the bright lights of a real city! Going to stay with Rob, the new lecturer in psychiatry here for the next two years. So no updates or backdates to the blog for three days. The photos so far were mostly taken with a small Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9 bought on ebay just before I left, for those who are interested. The two photos of Malawians walking were taken with my bigger camera, a Nikon D40  with 18-200mm VR lens. (The photos are small and quite compressed to compensate for the very slow upload times here.) Bye for now!



  1. jim walker said

    Hi Gareth, nice to see you’ve settled in to your new post in Malawi. Enjoyed reading the blog – keep it coming!
    Take it easy and watch out for the beasties – the ones over there trump our midgies any day!!
    By the way, how many of them kwachas dae ye get for the pound?????

  2. Gareth, How lovely to read your letter (I am becoming a fan of blogs: of course they have some similarity to roundtherobins, but they are more personal and more committed). Quite incredible that you were doing psychiatry in a scottish hospital only a few days ago and now your are doing something quite different. Did you take Lishman? I’d be scared to go without textbooks – but do they help?

  3. Lorna said

    I have been entranced Gareth…just sat down to read your blog and have found it genuinely fascinating and entertaining. Keep em coming!

    FYI, I almost never read friends’ blogs. To be fair, this is mainly because I forget to, but there is an element of can’t-be-bothered-ness about it. I prefer updates delivered to my inbox. But I’ll be reading yours:)

    You left 6 Sept finally eh? I fly to NZ precisely two months after you – 6 Nov. Shame I won’t be able to visit you in Malawi after all. But I will make it S.Africa at some point; it’s inevitable.

    Later dude,

    L x

  4. Natalie said

    And once again he buys a new camera! 😉 I hope this one can live up to your standards? Otherwise there is always the possibility of selling it again on e-bay, although this may not be an option from Malawi…

    I hope you will have time to continue the blog when work is really starting! Keep on placing photographs, they are lovely!

    x x


  5. Patrycja said

    Hi Gareth,

    Today I had the first look at your blog. It is wonderful to hear from you!
    Keep writing and putting lots of photos!

    Patrycja and bump

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