Online at last!

After being without an internet connection for 11 days, I have now managed to connect to the wireless network at the hospital. I’ve written a bit offline for the blog on most days I’ve been here, which I’ll upload shortly, backdated to when I wrote them. The first post was written mostly on 7th September, for example, and will appear to be published on that date, though it only went up today. It will take a few days to publish all and get up to date.

It would be great to  get some feedback as well!



  1. lexi said

    Hey Gareth,

    I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. It reminds me of the slide show of the photos from your trip to Eastern Europe which had me in stitches – wry, self depreciating and pretty entertaining really. I notice that Zomba seems to be around the corner from Mount Mulanje. Don’t want you to forget to go there 😀 Although the Zomba plateau should be good too I imagine. I don’t know how you are going to dodge the Bilhazia snails, but you can’t not swim in Lake Malawi.

    Alls well here. Little Alba is growing so fast – she is already smiling and giggling – an absolute joy. Sometimes we have a little fight to get her to sleep, but generally she is happy and relaxed which makes me the same. We have just got back from Spain and a surfeit of food, wine, family, presents all good things.

    Will keep reading, please keep writing, Lexi (PS I hope you didn’t worry about the book Whats going on in there considering your frenzied last few weeks – nothing has arrived and I will get it myself on my next Amazon shopping spree)
    Lots of love

  2. Claudi said

    Hey Gareth

    Good to hear from you!! This blog is really great, we’ll keep on reading! We’re still regretting we didn’t make it up to Edinburgh for the festival, but this was altoghether a bit of an unpredictable summer with two cancelled weddings from friends, one cancelled and one postponed holiday and us moving to the country (Charles is so happy here that I start believing I just need to get him a couple of cows and he’d actually want to live here forever!).

    Wishing you all the best for the next couple of weeks! C&C

  3. Hamish said

    Gareth wrote: * Some friends, ahem, detest the idea of a “blog” – well, you know who you are, and if you’re reading this then before you know it you’ll be dining with drug reps, all your ideals drowned in expensive red wine.

    Well, I’m only reading it because of some group spam Email I was sent. I thought I’d check it out in the hope of getting a link to ‘pills’ that ‘naturally enhance’ one’s body parts. Luckily your online journal 😉 makes for good reading. Congrats. And I happen to rather like expensive red wine so I’ll have to find a way of relieving the cognitive dissonance.

    FYI – I passed the Paper III but shall resist the temptation to write a ‘blog’ about my travels to Sheffield’s Don Valley Stadium…

  4. Linda said

    Wow, what an adventure. I’ll be at the edge of my seat waiting for updates! Be safe and do good.

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