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Day two and three

This morning started with a shower and a health warning. The shower was cold, and I stood next to it, only occasionally daring to put part of my body into the stream. There was a knock on the shower door.
“Doctor? Doctor?”
“Yes hello Doctor Rhada.”
“Oh I’m sorry Doctor I’ll go next door.”
“The showers are cold.”
“They are cold?”
“Yes, the water is cold.”
“You must turn the red tap.”
“[sigh] Yes I have.”
“And the water is not warm?”
“No it is cold.”
“You mustn’t shower in cold water. Very dangerous, you will catch a fever!”
I laughed. At breakfast we had a few more tussles over whether or not Milo comes from South Africa or India (I suspect neither), and whether we were eating oats or rice (it was clearly oats). Read the rest of this entry »


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