So where exactly will I be working?

Good question! Zomba Mental Hospital is the only dedicated state psychiatric hospital in Malawi, and it’s here that I understand I’ll be spending most of my time. ZMH is in Zomba in the southern region. (There are three regions in Malawi – northern, central and southern. ZMH is the only psychiatric facility in the south, the central region district general hospital has a psychiatric ward, and the northern region is served by St John of God Hospital which is run by the church – or was at least founded by the church…)

So, looking at a map, Zomba sits in the cusp of a hand formed by Mozambique. You can see it marked by the pink “A” below.

Taking a closer look at that southern region, we can start to see some landscape features, courtesy of Googleearth. Notice the apparently lovely Lake Chilwa to the east of Zomba, and the Zomba Plateau just to the north.

I quote from the website, describing Zomba Plateau:

“Zomba rests its weary body in the shade of a massive table-top mountain of the same name. This massif peaks at 2080 metres in some areas. The plateau is slightly sunken in the middle and rimmed by peaks and elevations. Forests, streams, small waterfalls, and rapids carve in and out of this area as if they were chasing one another in a game of tag. This is the unrestrained beauty of the Zomba Plateau; a compulsory destination for anyone visiting Malawi, or, at least, it ought to be.” –

Sounds lekker hey?

Moving in closer, we can see more of the Plateau, great for walking.

And finally, Zomba Mental Hospital itself:

 [Hmm, I can’t seem to get this photo to show itself… Click on the link below though to get a close up view of the hospital!]

The weblink if you want to check the area yourself is:,+Southern,+Malawi&ie=UTF8&ll=-15.399564,35.303965&spn=0.002451,0.00545&t=h&z=18

So that’s where I’m working, and I suspect one could find oneself in worse places!


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  1. Claire Watson said

    Hello there Gareth, hope you are enjoying your new post at Zomba and have settled in without too much trouble.
    I am sure you are missing us all and especially the initial assessment forms that you loved doing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ho Ho Ho
    Claire x

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