Heathrow Terminal 5

So I passed an advert on the Tube today suggesting that I “Give Terminal 5 a try!” Well, here I am, and yes it seems to be working. The wireless at least: For £4 I get 45 mins of frantic online time to try publish my last two posts from my wee EEE PC laptop.

Then off to Jo’burg, boarding in half an hour, arriving there early tomorrow morning – and hoping that my luggage is not affirmatively redistributed while in the capable hands of the baggage handlers. Then fly to Lilongwe to arrive there around 14h00 on Sunday. I may well have no internet  connection for a few days, but look forward to writing about arrival and briefing, and possible mosquitoes.

I am exhausted from a few nights poor sleep. I have little idea of my job description when I get there, though I believe it is psychiatric. I’ve just managed at the last minute (thanks to amazon and Robyn and Jaco) to shoe-horn in two psychiatric books, and will have to make do with this limited reference material. My other VSO colleagues from London have apparently struggled to get their air-tickets organised, so I may be alone when I get there.

Sounds exciting!


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